100+ Happy Anniversary Messages and Wishes For Nepali

Happy Anniversary Messages For Nepali are heartfelt, often poetic messages, that are exchanged between couples, friends, or family members commemorating their wedding anniversary in Nepal.

These messages are often written in the Nepali language and are full of well-crafted wishes expressing deep sentiment, love, and congratulations on reaching another year of togetherness. Given the cultural significance of anniversaries in Nepal, these messages are an important part of the celebrations.

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Happy Anniversary Messages For Nepali

Happy Anniversary Messages For Nepali
  1. “यी सबै वर्षहरु जति साझेदारी र प्रेमले भरिएको छ, उहाँको छोयोंचमा केटी सुनाउनूभएको छ। समयको चक्र संगै तपाईंहरुको माया अझ बलियो बनोस्। यो शुभकमना छ तपाई को अनिवास्य वर्षेतिगालाई नयाँ उत्साह र आनन्द ल्याउनलाई। (These years so filled with partnership and love, tell a story in your togetherness. May the wheel of time make your love even stronger. Here’s to your inevitable anniversary, bringing fresh vigor and joy.)
  2. May the love that you share continue to blossom like the beautiful rhododendron of Nepal. This journey of matrimony has been made even more extraordinary with your undying affection and mutual respect. Happy anniversary! Here’s to many more years of happiness, love, prosperity, and togetherness. Your story serves as an inspiration to others, making them believe that true love does exist.
  3. Aayo timro dhimey churot ko anniversary! Here’s to another year of sharing chapate jokes, fighting for the last momo, and promising each other that we’ll start exercising “from tomorrow”. May you both keep finding happiness in each other’s company, like a mouse finds cheese in a mousetrap. Dhanyabaad!
  4. Every passing moment spent together has been a priceless gem, precious and rare. May love, laughter and companionship be yours in abundance. Happy Anniversary, my heart beats for the symphony of our love. With every sunrise and every sunset, may our love grow stronger, defying the odds. Here’s to more beautiful moments and dreams fulfilled. Together, forever.
  5. May this special day brings infinite love, pure joy, endless blessings to your married life. Happy anniversary, may you cherish this lovely journey of togetherness forever in the upcoming years and create beautiful memories together.
  6. Congratulations on reaching another year of marriage without strangling each other! Guess, you guys are truly made for each other, or maybe nobody else could handle either of you anyway. May you keep fighting, forgiving, and feeding each other momo. Happy Anniversary! Cheers to many more ‘dhamakedaar’ years!
  7. As moonlight dances on the mountains of Nepal, let’s remember our journey. Battles fought, victories cherished. On this celestial day of our union, our love stands stronger than Everest. Embrace this joyous occasion, our happy anniversary!
  8. May the bond you share continue to grow stronger, just like the highest peaks of our beloved Nepal. I am so grateful for the love you two radiate, inspiring all those around you. Happiness for all your tomorrow’s is my wish for the future. Happy Anniversary! Your love story gives new meaning to the phrase “Made in Heaven”.
  9. आजको दिनमा कितनी खुसी और प्यार टिकाउनुहोस्, तपाईंको शादीबार्षिकी एक अद्भुत सम्य होस्। आशा गर्दछु तपाईंहरुको मिठो सम्बन्ध दिन प्रति दिन बलियो हुन्छ र मिति-मिति मात्र हैन, अनि हरेक जीवनको क्षण आनन्द र प्रेमले ढलिन्छ। यो सर्वश्रेष्ठ अवसरमा, तपाईंहरुको हृदयमा खुसी र प्यार भरिनु होस्। As you reminisce on your journey of love today on your anniversary, may your mutual understanding and love for each other continue to be abundant. Your love story serves as inspiration to many, wishing you endless love, joy, and serenity as you embark on another year of togetherness. Never let that sweet smile fade away from your faces.
  10. Aja timi le malai dhuito kina haina? Ah, la, tapai ko bihe ko barsik sambandhi chha! Mero yaadma aafno sobha le belako mufti. Nepali ma bhanaudaicha, Happy Anniversary! Ah, ani yo barsa ko lagi kripya mero socks pani dhuiyalu. Hamro rishta padkne mandireko barsha pani Bhagyeko padkne bin lagi ho ki? Happy Anniversary dost! Desi gai ko gobar ko parikar jasto tapai duiharuko prem sadhai anautho, Jhyam jasto ra mitho rahi rahos, he Nepali style anniversary! Yo barsa pani jasto tapai duiharu ek-arkale bibadhan garinu vayeko chha, antya chha, happy anniversary! Nepalimathi fantana khayeko beu ko antya chha ki? Aila, sambhavchha mero mis kaya chai gariyo!
  11. You two remain the gold standard of love, still shining after all these years. Some say it’s Himalayan magic. Maybe it’s simply the joy and warmth you consistently bring into each other’s lives. Here’s a toast to enduring happiness! Happy anniversary!
  12. You’ve been together so long, if your relationship was a person, it’d probably be yelling “Get off my lawn” by now! But seriously, it’s clear you two are like dal bhat on a Nepali dining table – always perfect together. Bravo on another year around the sun!
  13. Although we mark another year of our union, the sadness overshadows the joy, for we are not together. The miles apart echo in the anguishing silence, making the heart yearn for your presence more. Happy anniversary, remembering each moment with a tear and a smile.
  14. बिबाहिक आयुस बढ्न जस्तो रिश्ताको गहनता पनि बढ्दै जान्मा यो निरन्तर, निष्ठा र प्रेमको अद्भुत यात्रा आदरणीय छ। आफ्नो साथीलाई अहिले भन्दा धेरै माया गर्दै जानु र यो खुसी लामो रेख होस्। हा हा, अनि भन, वर्षानुवर्ष यस्तै रंगीन डिजर्ट संगैएको बिबाह गान नरम्रो नभएर हुन्छ? हँस्दै हिड्नुहोस्!
  15. Yatra tapaiko premko, yas katha ko poornima yatra. Chaar varsh pravesh gareko, utkarsha anautho vairagya. Shubhakaamna ayo, tapaiko khusi ko shubh-aavasartira, kasto sundar raho prem, jeewan ra yatra. Translation: Journey of your love, the full moon voyage of these tales. Entered the fourth year, unique crescendo of detachment. Good wishes come, to your joyous anniversary, how beautiful is love, life, and the journey.
  16. Yo samma bhaneko kasam samapti, Samaya le saath na chodyo timi. Timro saath saato ber sama bhariyo. Yadiyo sahayog ani maya ko praman rojai roj. Ani yasto hi anuhar ma sambandha timro sadaiv tikau bane. Janma din ko su-ava-sar ma hardik shubh kaamana. Translation: The vow taken before, time has never left you behind. Your companionship has filled my seven colors. Everyday witnesses of your love and support. May your relationship always remain intact in such manner. Heartiest congratulations on your anniversary.
  17. Another revolution around our solar system, another year of shared existence and experience. In the grand cosmic dance, may your shared journey continue to create your own unique constellation of love. Happy Anniversary!
  18. Celebrating another year of your love story, written in the beautiful script of life. Here’s to the melodious rhythm of your harmony, it’s always been more melodious than a soothing Sarangi tune. A hearty toast to your love, flowing like the Bagmati, endlessly. Happy Anniversary, may your love continue to bloom like the rhododendrons in the Nepali hills.
  19. May your love shimmer like maha taara while your bond strengthens like the Himalayas. May this anniversary uplift you like a joyous melody of a Madal. Embrace the journey ahead, carving beautiful memories like the exquisite carvings of our traditional Peacock Window. Happy Anniversary! May your bond thrives in the shadow of mutual respect and profound love.
  20. Today marks another year of two hearts intertwined in love and devotion, a testament to a beautiful journey, a trek through life’s sunlit and stormy skies, hand in hand. On this day, we honor your commitment, your unwavering faith in the magic of ‘us,’ and the cherished moments woven with golden threads of love, becoming timeless souvenirs. विवाहित जीवनको यस बहुमूल्य दिन पर झगडे औध्यानको माडोमा नछेक्नु होस्, एकताको वैभव प्रस्तुत गराउन।

Funny Anniversary Messages For Nepali

Funny Anniversary Messages For Nepali
  1. Congratulations on another year of bonus levels in your marriage game! You both aced the co-op mode and unlocked the “unending tolerance achievement. In challenging times, remember – life is not a Nepali movie, so keep the melodrama low and comedy high. Get set for next year’s sequel!
  2. Celebrating this special day of matrimony in Nepal, mountains are not the only things touching the sky – our happiness too reaches those heights. Laughter, your sweetness, and that teasing twinkle in your eye is a dazzling spectacle, brighter than Tihar’s lights. It’s not always been smooth, like a bumpy bus ride to hilly regions, but facing each twist and turn together makes this journey beautiful. Happy anniversary!
  3. Happy anniversary! Just like our politics in Nepal, may your life be filled with never-ending debates, lots of drama but ultimately a common ground of love and peace. Remember, there’s no ‘dal-bhat’ without the ‘achar’, just like there’s no life without little fights. So, keep celebrating this spicy ‘jodi’ of life.
  4. Your love is like Momos, hot and tempting, and I, forever, am drawn to its irresistible call. My dal bhat miracles, who knew that falling for you would be the sweetest jatra of my life? Happy anniversary, my chowmein of chaos and my lassi of love.
  5. Celebrating another year of your love adventure and we couldn’t be more excited for you! Your marriage, much like a classic Nepali movie, is filled with laughter, tears, thrilling twists, and turns, yet your love for each other remains the heartwarming constant. Happy anniversary, here’s to another year of love, spice, and everything nice in true Nepali style!
  6. Happy Anniversary! You two are like Daal-Bhaat, an incredible and inseparable combo of Nepali cuisine. Always stay together like Daal Bhaat and continue to spice things up like Achar! Love your Haseko-Hasaiko mixture, may it continue today, tomorrow, and outlast every earthquake! Here’s wishing you a Himalayan worth of happiness on your anniversary, because ‘Kath-mandu’ love and life, no two are better at it than you! Keep climbing the heights of love, higher than the Mt. Everest! Happy Anniversary!
  7. With shared joys and blended tears, we’ve faced each year’s fiery trials together, my beloved. So here’s to another year of dodging curveballs! Together, let’s raise a glass in the absurd theatre of life, and toast to another year of shared laughter, surprising plot twists, and hand-holding in the face of uncertainty! After all, what’s a love story without a pinch of drama and a generous measure of humor?
  8. On this magical day, let us raise a toast to the beauty of our relationship that has not other option than to grow stronger. May every new dawn bring a comical twist, turning every quarrel into laughter, and every frown into the most radiant smile! Here’s wishing us even more fascinating twists and turns in our love story!
  9. Your love story continues to amaze me – like a fine bottle of Raksi, it only gets better with time! Congratulations on another year of keeping each other’s weird quirks in check, proving that love is indeed blind…and also has a great sense of humor! May your companionship keep blossoming like a field of mustard in the Himalayas. Don’t forget, a love like yours is more precious than a sack of Gundruk! Keep tickling those funny bones for years to come!
  10. While you two celebrate another year of your beautiful matrimony, remember one important thing: if you fight, always make sure to make up, because I need my preferred weekend getaway at your home. So, here’s to many more years of me mooching off your happy marriage, and you two setting unrealistically high relationship standards. Happy Anniversary! Congratulations on your anniversary! I’ve been tracking you two on social media and it almost feels like I’m the third member of this romantic picture. I can’t imagine the amount of patience and love it takes to tolerate me recently. May you continue to be the most adorable annoying couple in the world. Happy Anniversary! In the name of true love, you two are a masterpiece. As a masterpiece, you should have plenty of room for my statuesque presence in your life. There’s plenty of canvas for this Picasso right here. I guess you’re stuck with me for at least another year. Happy Anniversary, lovebirds!
  11. Wedding anniversary, huh? Congrats on surviving another year without strangling each other over who uses more blanket. I suggest a gift of additional blankets – you can never go wrong with extra warmth, or extra escape routes during those duvet-stealing disputes! Keep the love, laughs and extra blankets rolling.
  12. You’ve spent another year choosing to stick to each other, navigating through the complex disaster we call ‘marriage’. It’s like an expedition to the top of Mount Everest, only difference, you don’t get to plant a flag. Here’s to another year of climbing together without an oxygen mask. Happy Anniversary!
  13. Unfurling another year of companionship, dressed in faded laughter and sepia-toned stories. Strangely melancholic, our journey, much like the Nepalese highlands – beautiful, yet constantly clouded by hardships. This anniversary, encased in joy and submerged in sorrow, continues to be a strange blend of humor and heartache.
  14. Look at you two, stuck with each other for another year! Just joking, your bond is something we all admire. Keep doubling those “kasam khau” moments and remember, love is never having to say “Sorry Bhandeu!” Happy anniversary, stay forever young, wild, and in love, you goofy lovebirds!
  15. Laughing together through the years, the language of love we’ve always spoken. In the sway of our Nepali dance, vows made, promises unbroken. Happy anniversary, filled with joy and glee, a marriage full of harmony, let’s share our laughter till eternity.
  16. Happy Anniversary! Let’s toast to another year of not killing each other! Here’s to us, and wishing we continue to live our life in Nepali style; full of love, laughter and lots of momo. Cheers to our beautiful journey and many more to come!
  17. Even the universe celebrates your anniversary today! The collision of two galaxies holds no candle to the enduring cosmic dance you’ve been engaged in. Here’s to more revolution around your marital sun, defying gravity and time in true Tyson-esque style!
  18. On this anniversary, our love life adds a new year. It’s like a Nepalese film, full of drama, comedy, and some tears. But, unlike those movies, I’m glad there’s no intermission. Because I love every moment with you, even in our Kitchen! So, let’s Raise a “toast for another year of being “gluten-ously in love. Here’s to our ‘rice’ to happiness!
  19. Cheers to another year of laughing at our silly jokes in Nepali and making each other happy! Just a gentle reminder – my love for you is like our popular daal bhat; it never gets less, only tastier with time. On this anniversary, let’s raise a toast to our beautiful journey and many crazy laugh-out-loud moments yet to come.
  20. As the sun sets over the Kathmandu Valley, just remember – you’ve spent another year arguing over dal bhat or momo for dinner! Embrace the joy, the laughter, the crazy moments; they are the secret sauce to your growing years together. Happy Anniversary!

Happy Marriage Anniversary Messages For Nepali

  1. Celebrating a union marked by love, understanding, and splashes of joy. A circle of happiness that has lasted many monsoons and will endure many more sun and moon dances. Happy anniversary! May your life together continue to blossom like the rhododendron forests of your beautiful Nepal.
  2. On this special day of your marriage anniversary, my heart fills with immense joy. The love and dedication you possess for one another are truly inspirational. May the beauty of your journey continue to flourish, enriching your amazing bond with every passing moment. Wishing you a life of eternal happiness, love, and togetherness.
  3. Happy Marriage Anniversary! Realized the secret to a happy marriage? It’s simple- you talk, they listen. Just kidding! Your anniversary marks yet another year of successfully pretending to enjoy her aalu ko achar, even when it’s over-spiced. Stay blessed, lovebirds, and remember that the key to happiness is a sense of humor!
  4. May our love story be as mesmerizing as the majestic Annapurna range and as deep as the Rara lake. With each passing day, our dreams we weave, my love for you continue to grow and thrive like a lush green forest. Happy Anniversary, sweetheart, let our journey of love be a thousand years on.
  5. Wishing you the warmth and joy of a beautiful anniversary as you celebrate another year of love and commitment. May your journey continue to be blessed with countless happy moments, making a treasured collection of special memories and firm commitment. Cheers to your never-ending love story in beautiful Nepal.
  6. Believe it or not, you two have aced the ‘Duracell Bunny’ challenge of life – staying charged up together for so long. I ‘Dhanyabad’ (thank) your extraordinary ‘Nepali-ty’ for sticking together year after year, delivering the best comic act of a happily married couple. Jokes aside, you two are like ‘Momo’ and ‘Chutney’, uniquely different, but perfect together. Happy Anniversary ‘Hajurbuba’ and ‘Hajuraama’.
  7. In the swirling glow of countless sunrises and sunsets, your love has bloomed, stronger and radiant. Year after year, through laughter and tears, through joy and sorrow. An unending journey of bliss that today marks another year of your togetherness. A poignant ode to your cherished bond, Happy Marriage Anniversary.
  8. Wishing you a happy anniversary, your unity and commitment inspire everyone. Your love has always been a beacon, lighting the path towards a journey filled with happiness and understanding. Looking forward to witnessing more years of love and prosperity in your extraordinary journey. May your partnership always shine like the shimmering stars and radiates endless love and warmth.
  9. On this special day, your timeless love continues to be an inspiration to all of us. A hearty congratulations on another year of love, laughter, and togetherness. May God shower you both with endless blessings, and may the fire of your love burn brighter every day in your life journey. Stay in love forever. Happy anniversary!
  10. Let’s celebrate your anniversary in true Nepali style, with momos and panipuri. Happy Anniversary! After all these years I bet you finally know the color of your wife’s toothbrush right? Adding another year to your “happily-ever-after”. Happy anniversary! Remember, secret of a happy marriage remains…a secret! Happy anniversary! Maybe for a chill day, give your spouse the TV remote, but make sure the cricket game isn’t on. Yet another year for you to listen to your wife’s endless stories! Happy anniversary, mate! Embrace every bit of it you brave man! Your loving marriage has survived Nepal’s renowned bandhs and load-sheddings. Truly a miracle! Happy anniversary! Cheers to many more to come.
  11. You know, folks, in Nepal it’s customary to wish “Shubha Bibaha Barsik” on such a joyful occasion. Here’s to you, keeping the dance of love alive and strong, beating with the drum of marital synchronization, year after year. Make it a double, a triple, quadruple, heck, go for quintuple the celebration because every single day, you’re re-writing the script of your love. Happy anniversary!
  12. You and Marriage, it’s like that joke of mine – “Why do we love sleep? Because it’s a time machine to breakfast.” You two just get better, like a classic Seinfeld rerun never getting old. So here’s to the mystery of staying married; Happy Anniversary folks, keep the laughter rolling.
  13. As the chime of our wedding year resounds, it arrives with a heavy heart. The promise to grow old together seems a distant echo in the labyrinth of life’s uncanny twists. This solemn anniversary whispers a mute testament of unwavering love, yet shadowed by profound sorrow.
  14. Happy anniversary! Your love story is the epitome of a Nepali epic, filled with love, respect, and constant support from each other. Celebrate this special day by creating more unforgettable memories. Stay blessed and love-filled, just like our majestic Himalayas and the serene Phewa Lake!
  15. In this divine dance of life, your love is the rhythm that soothes every strife. May the symphony of your journey together, continue to flourish with even more laughter. Preeti, aadar ra sambandha ko ishara, yaha dharti ko swarg banaucha har sumsera. Shubh bibaha barsikotsav ko nimitti, chiranjeewi rahos yo adhyaro sajauchha yo diyo.
  16. यस शुभम क्षणमा,म तपाईंहरूको दम्पती जीवनको वार्षिकोत्सवको शुभकामना गर्छु। तपाईंहरूको प्यार तथा समर्पण बढ्दो जाओस् र खुसीको पंथ हमेशा तपाईंहरूको साथ होस्। तपाईंहरूलाई अनेक खुसीपूर्ण बर्षहरूको कामना गर्दछु।
  17. Like the cosmos, your marriage too is a beautiful dance of celestial elements, each complementing the other. This anniversary illuminates the harmony you’ve cultivated over the years. May your journey continue around your shared sun, in orbits of love, respect and mutual understanding.
  18. Whether it’s Dharan or Kathmandu, your bond has done the best Annapurna circuit. Love stronger than Sagarmatha and more diversified than our 123 languages, your marriage is a beacon of happiness. On this anniversary, may your bond glow like the jewels in Mustang. Timro jodi hamesha khusiyali rasos. (May your pair always be filled with happiness.)
  19. Merosathi, timro jivanma yahin shubhkamna cha ki timro dwitiya ardha ko prem jiban sada harsha ra ullasle bhari rahos. Ma Ayushma bhar ki mangalmay khushiyan hamesha timro jivanma rahos, yesko kamana gardachu. Har ek barsa timro saath ma prem ra samman uchhalthe pugos. Dhanya dwitiya ardha ko shubhawasar!
  20. In the ambling rhythm of time, your love whispers sweet melodies of togetherness. May every sunrise bring enticing colors to your married life, and each dusk, peace wrapped in golden memories. Happy anniversary, may your journey of love continue to bloom like the Rhododendron in the Nepali hills.

Meaningful Anniversary Messages For Nepali

Meaningful Anniversary Messages For Nepali
  1. As the monsoon rains wash the landscape of our beloved Nepal, may the love of your heart wash away any doubts or fears. Your union is not just a testament to love but a beacon of hope that weaves through every page of your shared history. May this anniversary energize your commitment and breathe life into the mythical love story that is uniquely yours. Celebrate with joy in your hearts and laughter in your voices, and here’s to many more years of togetherness.
  2. On our special day, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering love and perpetual support throughout the years. Our journey has not only strengthened our bond but also instilled unwavering faith in our relationship. May the warmth of our love continue to remain warm as the sun, always and forever. The euphoria of our togetherness is beyond words and an eternal promise of love that lightens our path in this beautiful journey of life.
  3. Looking at the two of you, I always wondered how you guys have survived each other for this long. Turns out, love can endure even the weirdest cooking and the loudest snores. Happy anniversary! May you keep tolerating each other, breaking and making records of endurance till eternity!
  4. Every passing year, our connection deepens and our love grows stronger. Today, let’s celebrate all the beautiful moments we’ve shared and the wonderful memories yet to be made. Here’s to more laughter, shared dreams, and unconditional love that fills our hearts. Happy Anniversary, my love.
  5. On this day, when we commemorate your significant wedding anniversary, the essence of your devotion, commitment and love towards each other echoes through the years. Your lovely journey together serves as an inspiration for us all, demonstrating the grace of enduring love in Nepali culture. May the coming years be filled with endless happiness and may your bond grow stronger with each passing day. Happy Anniversary!
  6. Today you’ve unlocked a new level in the game of married life, not everyone reaches this level so easily; it comes only with a skill called “Never Ending Patience.” Congratulations! Today, the book of your love story adds another page. Don’t worry about the plot twists, the comic releases are on the way, like the Kumari(First) time we met. Laugh it off, live it up. Happy Anniversary!
  7. Our love, like a soothing rain, has nurtured life’s barren expanses. Time marked with both, peals of laughter and silent tears, yet, each moment etched deeper into the canvas of our shared existence. As we celebrate this anniversary, let’s rekindle the flame that sparked our unity. May our journey continue, eternally entwined, till the end of time.
  8. Reflecting back on our journey together, filled with shared joy, love, and growth, would always be the reason for celebrating this special day together, year after year. Your love has changed my ordinary life into an extraordinary one. Excitedly looking forward to the next chapter of our lives together, with more adventures and happiness to share. Happy anniversary!
  9. Your anniversary reminds us of the love that has stood the test of time, inspiring us to believe in the power of togetherness. May the almighty bless you with countless joys, endless love, and a lifetime of happiness. Here’s wishing you endless years of togetherness, filled with love, understanding, and profound respect for each other. Happy anniversary! In your journey of two hearts becoming one, every year is a milestone worth celebrating. Today, as you mark another year, may you continue to embrace even the toughest challenges with love and patience. We wish you an enduring journey filled with love and harmony, and may you continue to inspire us. Happy anniversary!
  10. It’s funny to think that in today’s tech-driven age we’re celebrating the day you guys swapped vows instead of WiFi passwords. May your connection remain stable with unlimited love and laughter. Happy Anniversary! Remember when you guys promised to grow old together? Looks like you both are follower-throughers! More grey hair, more love. Happy anniversary! Your relationship is like momo; spicy, juicy and everyone’s favourite. But remember, too much chilli can spoil the taste. Balance it out. Happy Anniversary! I guess even Cupid took a Pilgrimage to Nepal seeing your surreal love story. Keep bounding in love, chow chow mein style! Happy Anniversary! Another year, another milestone. You two are like Dal Bhat, always best together. Keep the servings of love increasing. Happy Anniversary!
  11. Just like the majestic Himalayas cradle Nepal in its warm embrace, so does your love endure, steadfast and true. Your esteemed bond is much like a Nepalese folk tale, filled with adventure, love, and unwavering resolve. May your tale continue to inspire, year after year. Happy anniversary, you two!
  12. So, what is the deal with this anniversary thing? You’ve been going round and round the same person for so long like a DVD on a never-ending loop. But, hey, in Nepal, that is called a beautiful dance of love and commitment. Keep spinning!
  13. A year today, a bond was etched in our souls that time and fate could not break. Though this anniversary is tinted in melancholy, the echoes of our shared laughter and tears endure. In our memories and hearts, our love remains eternally young and unbroken.
  14. Suruwat ko ek saal yasari bitisakyo, aasha gardachu aane saal pani aafnobich sadhai prem, samman ra samridhi basos. Khushi, asha, sneh ra chiramitra maa badali hidhnu bhayo tapai ko jibanko naulo kadam. Nepali ma vanni, Subhakamana tapai haru ko varsha barsikotsav ko lagi. Your first year together passed beautifully, and I hope the forthcoming years continue to be filled with love, respect, and success. After all, change is the beautiful new step of life that comes with happiness, hope, love, and lasting friendship. In Nepali, we say, Best wishes for your annual anniversary!
  15. On this day of endless tenderness, our hearts dance in the boundless rhythm of love, echoing through the peaks of Himalayas. Anugaman ma, hamro prem is Annapurna’s unwaning moon, illuminating our combined journey. Blessed be, this anniversary, crystallized like Mount Everest’s eternal snow, anchoring our braided souls.
  16. तपाईंसँग बिताइएको हरेक समयमा मातृत्व, स्नेह र प्रेमको अद्वितीय अनुभूति थियो। हाम्रो विवाह वर्षगांठको यो सुअवसरमा, म तपाईं लाई मेरो हृदय देखि धन्यवाद गर्दछु। तपाईं मेरो जीवनको सर्वश्रेष्ठ उपहार हुनुहुन्छ र सँगै बिताइने समय धन्य हुन्छ। यति बर्षहरू यस्तै प्रेम र समर्पणमा बितोस्, मेरी प्यारी।
  17. Time and space, two of the universe’s constant companions, celebrate your union today. The celestial bodies dance joyfully, acknowledging your harmonious journey around the sun together. Happy Anniversary, beautifully reflecting the cosmos’s perfect rhythm and harmony in your relationship.
  18. Celebrating your anniversary in the land where love finds its zenith, Nepal! May your love scale peaks higher than the Himalayas and be as deep as Nepal’s pristine lakes. On this day, keep exploring the Everest of emotions in each other’s hearts. Continue preserving your love like the world treasures Nepal’s rich culture. Happy Anniversary!
  19. Celebrating another year of your togetherness brings immense joy to all of us. May your journey stay filled with conversations, love, and understanding. Just as the mountains of Nepal stand tall, may your bond only grow stronger with time. Happy anniversary, here’s to many more to come!
  20. A sweet blend of laughter, love, and shared dreams, our journey so far is a testament to the enduring flame of our love. On this anniversary, I reminisce our unforgettable path and look forward to the splendid chapters yet to unfold. Your love has colored my world with shades brighter than I could have ever imagined. Each day with you feels like a celebration. Happy Anniversary!

Humorous Happy Anniversary Messages For Nepali

Humorous Happy Anniversary Messages For Nepali
  1. Mitwa ek salko yatra samma adhyaro garda gardai, aabhasma bato khojdai jasta lagirako ho. Happy anniversary! Ahile samma hamile katai pugeko chau, yatra aarambha garna baki cha. Masyau bhanda mitho ladoo, ladoo bhanda mito hamro prem! Bhandai, aja hamro nibandhan ko jay jay kar garau.
  2. Happy anniversary! With each passing year, may your love grow and laughter multiply just like the number of momos in a Newari feast! May you continue to play “Antakshari” and “Deusi Bhailo” not just on Tihar but throughout the year, cherishing your moments together. Here’s to a vibrant journey filled with love, adventure, and many “Chiura-Khaja” moments!
  3. You guys are living proof that sagarmatha (Mount Everest) isn’t the only peak in Nepal that people conquer together. What’s the secret? Yak ghee? Happy Anniversary! Keep climbing those mountains, eating daal bhat and don’t forget to share the momos!
  4. Your love is like a plate of momos, steaming hot and irresistible! Happy anniversary to the rarest of gems in my life, may our love keep spicing up like the tangy chutneys of our local bhattis. Keep smiling, my gulab jamun, your laughter is the sweetest melody in my universe.
  5. Wishing you a delightful anniversary! May your journey of togetherness continue to be as vibrant as the colors of a blooming rhododendron, Nepal’s national flower, and as enduring as the majestic Mount Everest. Keep climbing the heights of love together, peaking at every opportunity!
  6. Enough of Dal Bhat power, looks like it’s time for some anniversary flower power! Your union is as perfect as momo and achar, may it continue to be just as spicy and sweet. Happy anniversary!
  7. Together, we’ve danced through the years and emerged victorious, weathering storms and basking in sunshine. Your love is my ever-glittering diamond, timeless yet ever-sparkling. Happy anniversary to us, Amor mío. Here’s to a lifetime of laughter that fills our Nepali home with warmth and happiness!
  8. Happy anniversary! Though it’s been several years, let’s be honest, we still try to impress each other as though we are newlyweds. As your love story unfolds, may it continue to be a source of endless laughter, joy, and very importantly, all the more delightful momos in the years to come! Celebrate! You two are indeed an inspiration for Nepal’s greatest love stories!
  9. दुई बैंसुरी जस्तै समान पनि बनाई पनि बजाउनु गाह्रो हुन्छ, तर तपाईंले सो साधारणता र अद्वितीयता देखाउनुभएको छ। म तपाईहरूको शुभ-दिव्स मनाउँदै आनन्दित हुँदैछु। दोस्रोको प्रति समर्पण र प्यारले निर्माण गरिएको हजारौं हाँस्य क्षणलाई प्रकट गर्दछ, अनि तपाईहरूले हामीलाई सिकाउनुभएको छ जति प्रेमको एक खण्ड स्थानमा गाह्रो पनि हुन्छ। Translation: Sounding the same flute together can be challenging, yet you have shown us simplicity and uniqueness. I am thrilled to celebrate your anniversary. The devotion and love towards each other bring about thousands of laughing moments, and you have taught us that love can flourish even in less perfect spaces.
  10. Mero sathi, tapai haru ko varsha barsik lai hardik subhakamana! Kati ramro ki tapai haru ko prem le bhraman gareko yo yo chakra, bina kasaile samjheko! Ek arkle garda garda aja tapaiharu ko laganiko barsa barsik manaudai hunuhuncha, tyo pani hasda hasdda! Aajar tapai haru ko vivaha varsa barsik cha, kukur jasto bhetaune nai hudaina! Ek arka sanga jindagi bitaune ko yo sundar yatra ma feri ek varsa pura bhai sakyo, aha, kati mittho cha yo maya ko moha! Saato samundra pari feri pani prem ko mahasagar jasto! Tapaiharu ko vivaha barsa barsik ko uplakshya ma kamana gardachu ki maya , samman ra khushi le tapaihru ko jindagi hamesha bagai rakos. Charno haru ma akasmat vaigyanik baneko jasto chahari lagcha. Prem ra hashi le bhariyeka chha tapaiharu ko jeevan ma!
  11. You know, in the grand game of tag known as love, one of you has managed to catch the other and say “anniversary” instead of “you’re it”! It’s been a year, yet love’s still in the air, or maybe that’s just the smell of momo’s I am not certain. Keep scoring those love goals, you two. A very happy anniversary, from the bottom of my American-Nepalese, Colbert-ish heart!
  12. You know, they say marriage is like climbing Mount Everest. All that strain and struggle to get to the top and once you get there, you realize the only way down is a slippery slope! So here’s to you: Master climbers, celebrating yet another successful year of not falling off. Happy Anniversary!
  13. Nostalgic gaze into our past reveals that our union, though not gloriously perfect, is graciously speckled with enchanting imperfections, like a cackled mirror reflecting a beautiful world. Yet we herald into another year, somewhat wiser, slightly worn, a smidgen heavier, but definitively happier. It’s an oddly cheering memento of our journey; Here’s to our shared, surreal life. Happy anniversary, lover, comrade, partner in absurdity.
  14. Congratulations to our favorite Nepali couple who has successfully prolonged their honeymoon by another year. Enjoy your anniversary as if it’s the first time you’ve said, “I love you” to each other. But remember, life is a journey and marriage is a rickety jeep ride in the hills – bumpy, full of twists and turns, yet exhilarating. Keep the humor alive and the love overflowing. Cheers to the countless “Mitho Cha!” moments in the future. Stay blessed!
  15. In the land of Everest and Gautam Buddha, two hearts found unity. May the melody of love between you two, echo in every pagoda. Happy anniversary! Ani, let your love be more ticklish than a yak’s wool, bringing warmth and laughter, forever and after.
  16. Happy anniversary! Kasto aadat le puraune cha, timro jhagada garna, mero haina, tara yo sabbai sambhav banaudo rahi ho jasale hamro prem ko gatha banaidin cha. Hamilai jivan bhar ko prema ra sukha milos! Sambhav banaune timi ma sang samarpit chhu.
  17. Like two celestial bodies, you revolve around each other in an eternal dance of love and understanding. May your bond, just like the universe, continues to expand and flourish, defying all the cosmic odds against it. Happy Anniversary! May your love story always shine brighter than any supernova!
  18. Bhatma bhukolayi ki patharko kukura, hamro maya ajja pani nai chokho chha. Kati pachhi sajan, samjhinchha hami dui ek arkako lagi bokne belaa. Pasiko varsha aba hamro lagi khusi ko bhandaicha. Happy Anniversary!
  19. Bramha ko ashirwad rahos, tapailai sadhai prem ani samjhana ma dherai khushi haru liyer aauun! Yehi cha tapaiko biheko barsikotsab, mitho kura r sangai bitayera. Mazako bhar rahos, harsha umanga bharos. Pray for your every anniversary to be packed with sweet moments and a ton of fun. Jiwandekhi jivan samma prem r sojhana le bharauna sakun ani tapaiko jivan khushi le bharihalos. Happy Anniversary!
  20. A beautiful and auspicious day, you two are like two ends of a seesaw, securely bound together in marital bliss. The way your shared laughter rings out in harmonious symphony is akin to watching two kites dance in a Nepali sky. Happy anniversary, may your joy endure like the majestic Himalayan range!

How To Write Happy Anniversary Letter For Nepali

Happy Anniversary Letter For Nepali Sample 1

मेरो प्यारो जीवनसंगी, हाम्रो विवाहसम्पन्न वर्षयात्राको आज एक औठी यादगार दिन हो। तपाईसँग भेटिएको यो समय, हाम्रो अटुट प्रेम र मित्रताको भरोसा मलाई अत्यन्त गर्व अनुभव गराउँछ। यी सबैको लागि म धन्यबाद बताउन चाहन्छु, तपाईंले जीवनमा कस्तो अद्भुत परिवर्तन ल्याउनुभएको भन्ने।

मेरो मनले तपाईं प्रति कहिल्यै पुर्ण श्रद्धान्जली बताउन सक्दैन किनभने तपाईंले म सँग गरेको प्रेम र समर्पणले मेरो हृदयलाई गहिरो छुने गरेको छ। हाम्रा साझा यात्राले, हाँसो, आँसु, खुसी र विरह, येरको नोभेम्बर जस्ता सबै आयामलाई भोग्ने गराएको छ। अहिले, उत्कृष्ट खुसीभरी अवसरमा म आफ्नो प्रेम एकपटक बताउन्, भविष्यमा पनि सधैं तपाईंलाई प्रेम गर्ने प्रतिबद्धता पुरा गर्ने मेरो आशय हो।

तपाईं मेरो जिन्दगीको सवैभन्दा महत्वपूर्ण हिस्सा हुनुहुन्थ्यो, र तपाईंको प्रेम र सहयोगले मलाई हरेक आवश्यकता अनि चुनौतीमा सहयोग गर्यो। तपाईं मेरो संगठन, मेरो सत्य र मेरो सर्वश्रेष्ठ मित्र हुनुहुन्छ। सधैंभरि, तपाईंमा प्रेम गर्न, आदर गर्न र पूजा गर्न म निरन्तर प्रयास गर्नेछु। यो दिन हामीलाई पुनः साझा गर्नको अवसर प्रदान गर्दछ, र म यहाँ हुन वास्तविक गर्व अनुभव गर्दछु। म सधैं तपाईंसँग रहन चाहन्छु। विवाह बर्षिको एउटा अटि खुशीयाली शुभकामना। तपाईंलाई माया गर्नुभय।

Happy Anniversary Letter For Nepali Sample 2

मेरी प्रिय जीवनसंगिनी,

आज यो विवाह वर्षगांठ भनेको मलाई आफ्नो जीवनको सबभन्दा खुशी और दुःख कतिपय क्षणहरू लिई फेरी स्मरण गराउने अवसर प्रदान गर्दछ। हामीले एकार्काको साथमा बिताइसँगैको हरेक समय अमूल्य छ भन्ने कुरा भनेर आफनै आँखाबाट कतार्न सक्दिनँ। हाम्रो प्रेम ले हामीलाई राम्रो वा नराम्रो – हामीले यति राम्रोसँग सीकेका हौँ कि हामी यसका महत्का पलहरूलाई संग्रह गर्न चाहिरहेका छौ।

तर त्यसै गति, डुखापछिको सखी तिमीले नै खोजेकी छौ जसले मलाई धेरै पीडा दिएको छ। तर मलाई थाहा छ, जीवन हामीलाई मात्र खुशीहरू नदिन्छ; त्यसले पनि हामीलाई केही दु:खहरू, चुनौतीहरू, और विपरीतहरू दिन्छ, जुन हामीले र्मणीतापूर्वक सामना गर्न चाहन्छौं। प्रेम, समय, और समर्पणले दुखावा और संघर्ष ब्यापकताका अमुल्य पाठहरूको रुपमा बदल्ने गर्छ।

हाम्रो विवाहको वर्षगांठको यस दिनमा, तिमीलाई म धेरै-धेरै खुसीका शुभकामना दिन्छु। हाम्रो जीवनमा कहिले काँसोका झारहरूले हाम्रो खुसीलाई माया नगरून् भन्ने आशा छ। विवाह वर्षगांठको यो शुभ अवसरमा, हामी हाम्रो प्रेम, सहयोग अनि जीवनको यो अमूल्य यात्रालाई मनाऊंछौं। आँटिएका दिनहरूको नका काट्न हाम्रो प्रेमले हामीलाई शक्तिशाली बनाउने छ। äप मेरो आत्मा अनि जीवन हौ, मेरी प्रिय। शुभ वर्षगांठ!

Best Anniversary Wishes For Nepali

Best Anniversary Wishes For Nepali
  1. May every chapter of your ongoing love story continues to ignite your path with limitless cheer and prosperity. As you celebrate another year of togetherness, may your love deepen and strengthen and all the beauty of life dance on the rhythm of your laughter. Jaya bhintuna jodi le! (Happy Anniversary in Nepali) Let your journey together always be the synonymous of joy, inspiration, and eternal love in the heart of every person.
  2. Your union brings warmth and strength that is admired by all. On this special day of your anniversary, may you continue to inspire us with your deep love and commitment to each other. Wishing you boundless joy and endless happiness as you celebrate this beautiful milestone in your journey together.
  3. So you’ve survived another year of marriage without selling each other to the circus! Congratulations! May your life continue to be filled with crazy love, endless laughter, and a healthy dose of dal bhat. Happy anniversary!
  4. In the dance of life, your love has choreographed the most beautiful rhythm. Here’s to another year of dancing together, of shared smiles and secrets that bond your souls. Happy Anniversary, may your love story continue to bloom in the richness of tradition and the sparkle of tomorrow.
  5. As you celebrate another year of love and commitment, may you find even more reasons to cherish one another in the picturesque beauty of Nepal. Your steadfast devotion is as timeless as the Himalayas, and I wish you endless joy in your journey ahead. Happy anniversary.
  6. Here’s to a couple who personify the spicy essence of Nepal, may your bond be stronger than the Everest and love more flavorful than momo chutney! Have a laughter-filled anniversary, remembering that “dal-bhaat” powers the soul, but its your playful “jodi” that truly warms the heart. Enjoy your special day!
  7. As the moon glows upon you, embracing your journey of unity, may it whisper a lullaby of everlasting love. On this anniversary, let prosperity and tranquility visit your abode, blessing you with enduring ties. Rejoice and celebrate, for this path of togetherness reaffirms your bond, unbroken and untamed by the sands of time.
  8. In the blossoming gardens of love, you two have nurtured a beautiful relationship. Here’s my delightful wish for your anniversary; may your thriving companionship blaze a trail for future generations in Nepal. Cherishing your exceptional bond, let’s toast to another year of joyful moments, profound respect, and limitless love.
  9. On this auspicious day of your Anniversary, may you continue to grow older and happier together. Wishing you a lifetime of joy, love, and prosperity. May your marriage always be blessed with the same richness and passion that has carved your shared journey so far. Happy Anniversary!
  10. May your marriage always be infused with the spicy aloo of love and the heavenly sweet lassi of happiness. Remember, a successful marriage is about falling in love many times, always with the same person, and stealing each other’s dessert without getting caught. Happy Anniversary to the most unique Nepali couple! Just like Dal Bhat power, may your love for each other continue to be 24 hour. A bit of advice, though – the secret to a long-lasting marriage is not getting caught while eating the last slice of momo. Happy Anniversary! Here’s to a couple who have mastered the art of pulling each other’s leg without pulling out any hair. May you always find joy in your shared laughter and keep adding more and more chapters to your Nepali love saga. Happy Anniversary!
  11. In the fabulous tradition of Nepal, I’m thrilled to wish you both a Happy Anniversary. May your bond be as enduring as the majestic Himalayas. Sparkle like the Nepalese sun and resonate with the rhythm of a Dapha melody. Enjoy your dance of love, today and forever.
  12. What’s the deal with anniversaries, huh? It’s like saying, “Congratulations, you haven’t scared each other off yet!” Anyways, to all my Nepali pals out there marking another year of mutual tolerance, here’s to many more years of “I guess you’re not that bad” moments. Stay strong and keep the laughs coming!
  13. As time weaves its eternal dance, today, we celebrate the anniversary of that blessed day two hearts decided to beat as one in the beautiful Himalayan land of Nepal. Despite the hardships and joys walked together, remember that each moment shared is a testament of unconditional love. A humble wish, may your love continue to bloom like the Rhododendron in the Nepali valleys, vibrant and undying.
  14. I am thrilled to share in your joy as you celebrate your anniversary, recording yet another year of shared dreams and nurtured love. May your life together continue to be soaked in laughter, mutual respect and boundless love, sparking an exemplary inspiration for all. Have a delightful celebration, hoping for brighter days and eternally blossoming love, lighting up each moment of this journey!
  15. May your love forever blossom and thrive like the majestic Himalayas. As stars illuminate Nepali skies, may your journey together radiate with unfading brilliance. Happy anniversary, enchanted in endless endearments, steeped in devotion as deep as Rara Lake’s mysteries. Your story echoes whispered oaths nestled within the tranquil terrains of our Nepal, a testament of perpetual love.
  16. As you mark another year of love and happiness, may your journey continue to bloom with joy. Wishing you a beautiful anniversary, filled with delight, celebrations, and many blessings to cherish always. May your love story continue to inspire, as you remain the shining stars in each other’s universes. Happy Anniversary to you!
  17. As stars illumine the cosmos, may your love enlighten your lives. Contemplate this: Just as the universe incessantly expands, may your shared journey exponentially grow with each passing day. Glorious anniversary to you both. Celebrate it as you would a supernova — radiating love, joy, and vibrant energy.
  18. May the shine in your relationship glow brighter than the Himalayan summits. Your love has a flavor deeper than the tastes of Newari cuisine and has warmth reminiscent of Kathmandu’s bustling streets. Celebrate every moment of your journey, as you both are the melody that brings harmony to the symphony of life. Happy Anniversary!
  19. May your shared lives continue to bloom with prosperity, love, and joy like the magnificent Rhododendron, Nepal’s national flower. As you mark another year of blissful togetherness, may this anniversary be as beautiful and vibrant as the picturesque valleys of your beloved homeland. Happy Anniversary! May your journey together mirror the enduring beauty and strength of the majestic Himalayas that stand tall in Nepal.
  20. Amid the beautiful dance of life, your bond has emerged stronger and deeper with every shared dream and overcome challenge. On this special anniversary, may your love continue to bloom brighter and your companionship grow richer with each passing moment. Lean into your shared joy, for it is as intoxicating and uplifting as the blissful hills of Nepal.

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